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My Mistake...

Red's solitary world. This page was a mistake. Actually I wanted to create a blog after I read one of my friend's blog. So I created one... not knowing I have created two blog pages.. :D
But as the master turtle says 'There are no mistakes'
or as Arjun in Zindagi na milengi dobara says ' Everything is written'.

So this is the first post on this blog. It's about mistakes. As I mentioned before there is no such a thing called mistakes. Everything has been written and they were planned to happened whether we liked it or not. The main thing is everything that has happened as a mistake has been connected with the future. There is a saying everything happens for a reason. So even a mistake happens for a reason.

One day I got a face book request from a boy from Matara. He was a totally stranger to me so I thought to reject his request. But accidentally I accepted him and next moment I said to my self ' oh what a mistake'.
But for some reason I didn't r…