Me, My heart and My Mind.. Our little conversation...

In the evening I was thinking about you. As usual I asked the same question for the thousandth time from me.. " Why don't you love me?" And I replied with a sigh to that as usual. Then suddenly I saw one of my favourite author Paulo Coelho's book, The Alchemist. It is a story about following the dream. Then my heart and mind both start to talk together. For surprise this time both are in the same side. I thought our conversation would be interesting to share.

Heart:- Red, don't you have wonderful dreams like Santiago?

Me:- mmmm....I haaavee... but they are really not possible.. 

Mind:- hey why are u saying that? you are one who always tell us that everything is possible? then how come your dreams are not possible?

Heart:- yeah.. talk about it mind.. yes Red you are always tell me that don't worry.. don't cry.. everything is possible.. you and me can do it.. no offence mind when she is talking to me she don't mention about you much.. you know those are emotional matters.. 

Mind:- oh no.. I understand.. I was thinking that you are making her weak.. but seems it is not you.. come on girl.. what are your dreams?

Me:-mmm.... I want to travel around the world.. specially I want to go to France and UK and to live for there for few years.. 

Heart:- awwww... I like that dream.. it is awesome.. I mean just think you are going to the city of lovers.. oh.. really romantic and lovely..

Mind:- hmm.. traveling is a good idea.. you can learn a lot.. you can see things.. specially historical places.. If you are going to France then u can visit to Louver Museum. It is a world of knowledge... and you know...

Heart:- knowledge oh yeah that is a good thing.. but just think you can see the palace...oh where Prince William is swee..

Me:- guys..guys.. I just told you that I have a dream.. still I don't have any plan for that.. 

Heart and Mind:- WHAT???????

Me:- eeerrrr....yeah.. come on what are you guys expecting from me? I'm just 21 years old.. and still studying... no job.. Have to wait another four years to finish studying find a job..

Mind:- hmmm... But I thought you have a good plan about what you are going to do.. 

Heart:- yeah.. Agree with Mind.. I though you knew what you are doing..

Me:- yeah... I know.. I'm going to finish my degree  then I will find a job..

Mind:- then????

Me:- then... I will marry someone.. yeah...someone since the one I love doesn't love me.. then I will have kids.. and a family..and a vehicle.. and a hou..

Heart:- wait wait.. what about your dream of traveling around the world? where is it?

Me:- yeah..that's what I'm telling you guys... that it is not possible.. :)

Mind:- oh why did you just forget your dream like that?

Me:- because when I get married I can't go around the world leaving my husband and children at home.. you got it? 

Heart:- whom are you going to marry?

Me:-mmm.. I wish if I can marry him.. the one who is always in you..
Heart:- hmmmm... he is a nice guy... so wouldn't he let you go for your dream? 

Me:- HE? No.. he is not a guy like that.. he is a good person.. but he expect something else from the one he marry.. even I can't do that to him.. How can I leave him to fulfill my dream?

Mind:- oh such a stupid girl you are...

Me:- why? why are you saying that?

Heart:- sadly agree with heart Red..

Me:- why is that? you are telling me that I'm stupid to love him?

Heart:- NO.. not that.. you not stupid to love him.. but you are stupid to change your dreams because of him..

Me:- but then if that's what he wants? I mean if he loves me back I have to be with him.. 

Mind:- then forget about him..

Me:- oh yeah..easy to tell.. but you are keeping every single memory with you.. and you heart.. you are loving him and reminding him in every single moment.. 

Heart:- but it is you who is changing your dreams..

Me:- ME?

Mind:- yes you.. I don't say anything for loving him.. He is a good guy and it is all fair that you have fallen love with him.. But you want to own him.. knowing he is not the one who fits with your dreams..

Me:- nobody would fits with my dreams.. how would want to marry someone who wants to travel around the world? and who wants to go Africa and work with UN.. who wants to work as field reporter.. 

Mind:- there are some who will.. and if you never follow your dream you will never find that someone.. because god has placed people in the path where you should walk. And that path is the one which leads you to your dreams. 

Heart:- yes.. and if you never walk in that path.. you will never find the them who are you should meet in your life.. maybe the one who loves you is that path..waiting till you come..

Me:- you think so?

Heart:- yes.. we both do.. 

Mind:- Mind and heart don't agree with each other normally.. But at this point We both agree that you should go for you dreams.. you should follow your dreams..

Heart:- I'm sorry for telling this.. But I think that is the reason he doesn't love you?
Me:- what? he doesn't even know my dreams..

Heart:- no that's not what I'm telling.. His dreams are different from yours.. he expect something else from life.. So God knows what is best for him.. and God knows what is best for you.. If he loves you then you would never follow your dreams... you will simply forget them and start another life.. So God didn't let him love you.. I'm afraid nobody would love you if you didn't start working on your dreams.. 

Me:- but why? I do it for them..

Mind:- you are not the God to sacrifice your self for others.. God will do it.. and God has placed you on earth for a special reason.. for a special mission.. it is your duty to complete it.. 

Heart:- yes love.. you will understand your mission when you are following your dream.. 

Me:-hmmm..... I understand.. 

Heart:- maybe the one you love can be placed in a different place on the path.. where he fits.. because always God has a bigger plan than yours.. And in that plan everyone are there.. so maybe if he is the one you will meet him again in a place where he is fitting to the puzzle..

Me:- got it.. :)

Mind:- good.. then make plans for your dreams.. like your friend humming bird says.. DOL.. [dreaming out loudly] and make them come true in someday.. work for that..

Me:- hmm..yeah.. I will DOL bt I will follow my dreams.. 

At the end of the conversation I understood why you don't love me. Because simply still we are not mean to walk in the same path. Maybe if you are the one for me I will meet you again in my life. In a place junction where your and mine dreams are connected. But still I don't know where is it. So the best thing is to work for my dreams. 
Like Santiago's destiny.... Dream led him to the new world.. 
And follow your dreams... It will lead you to the place where you belong..


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