The sisterhood of the traveling pants

    The sisterhood of the traveling pants. The whole movie is about four girls who grew up together as best friends. In one summer they are about to separate. Lena is spending the summer with her grand parents in Greece. Tibby is staying at home and Bridget is going to a soccer camp in Mexico. Carmen is visiting her father in South Carolina. While on shopping before they separate they found a pant which is magically fits to all of them even though they have different measurements. The girls decide to share the pants equally among them over the summer as a way of keeping them together when they are apart. The whole movie is about their separate journey and how they find their own destiny. 
     They believe it brings luck with itself. Yes i t brings luck and it gives courage to them. When the pants is with them they know what they should do. It is like a magic. It sounds crazy. But it happens. They are acting with faith when the pants is with them. At the end they all have changed but still they managed to stick together whenever they need each other. Everyone's story end with giving a new meaning to their lives. 

    What I believe is it is not pants which made them find themselves. It was faith. They had faith on themselves when the pant is with them. They believed it can make a change in their lives. It was not magic but believing own self.

   One should not believe everything. But one should believe at least one thing. One should have faith on one thing. Even it is a pant one should believe it can make a change. And like a miracle it can change your life..


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